I was born in Dublin, Ireland. A childhood dream brought me to West Cork, where I lived for ten years. I currently live in France and work in France, Switzerland, Ireland and the UK. I studied in An Grianan, Ireland, where I graduated with a credit in Commercial Horticulture after 3 years.

“From an early age I was fascinated by plants and the interconnectivity with insects and animals and ultimately us. Often my parents would wake early in the morning to find me already working in the garden.”

My Philosophy

I like to design gardens of many different levels, that start at the very microbes and soil structure all the way up to the furnishings and lighting. I will often  break the garden into different areas, with soft curves that lead from one area to another. Materials are often as local as possible, as these define the garden and sit best in the landscape. I particularly love to add very vibrant colour to contrast against earth tones. Where possible I prefer use organic products and use planting schemes that are robust and disease free and attract bees and birds.

My Services

  • Design
    • Bespoke garden design with full hand drawn working plans
    • Construction plan
    • Axonometrical plan (3D)
    • Planting plan
  • Consultation
    • Individual garden consultation
  • Garden Build
    • Project management of garden construction
  • Garden care
    • Garden planting and specialized pruning